Facility Rental F.A.Q.
Q: How do I book an event at the Great Overland Station?
A: You can book an event by calling our business office 785-232-5533 and asking to speak with our Event Manager. You may also use the contact form available for weddings/receptions here or corporate/private events here to begin the process. An appointment will be made for you to view the space and discuss our facility use policies. Holding your date on our schedule requires a deposit of 50% of the rental fee, a signed contract and facility use policy.
Q: How many people can your facility accommodate?
A: Our maximum capacity changes dependent upon your setup. Dance floors, seated dinners, buffets, d.j.'s, etc. all reduce the amount of space available to safely accommodate a large number of people. The Main Waiting Room and Balcony typically combine to allow for up to 200 seated, while adding the East Gallery to your rental may allow for up to 300 seated. 
Q: Can I cancel an event I've booked at the Great Overland Station?
A: Cancelling is unfortunate, but it does happen on occasion; our policy allows us to return a portion of your rental fees under certain conditions. In the event the facility becomes unavailable due to major disaster or act of God, the full amount received from the lessee will be returned.
Q: Will my event guests have access to the entire building?
A: No, the baggage room, the exhibit gallery, the ticket booth and the business office are not available to lessee and/or guests. Further, if you have not included the East Gallery in your rental, that space will be unavailable as well. Our conference room is available to nursing mothers as a courtesy and is included in the additional fee for weddings as a dressing room.
Q: Do you require a licensed caterer or can we prepare food in the kitchen?
A: Yes, we require a licensed caterer, however you are free to choose whichever caterer you like. Unfortunately, we cannot allow cooking in our kitchen - it is a catering kitchen only and we require a copy of the caterers license on file in our business office prior to the event. We do allow drop-off catering, boxed lunches, etc. for smaller events. Food can be served from our kitchen but not cooked in our kitchen. The caterer/lessee is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and removing all food debris. A walk-through and sign-off with our staff is required at the end of your event. 
Q: Do you provide security?
A: We do provide security, the cost for security is included in your rental fee. Our security is provided by off-duty law enforcement officers.
Q: What are your restrictions on serving alcohol?
A: Alcohol must be served by a bartender of legal age and in accordance with state and federal law. Alcoholic beverages must be served in an individual cup - no cans or bottles are allowed in the Station - champagne bottles must be opened in the kitchen and poured into glasses. Alcoholic beverages must remain inside the building, no drinks can leave the Great Overland Station. Alcoholic beverages cannot be served during museum operating hours and not until the bar is open - consuming alcoholic beverages during event set-up is not allowed. 
Q: Can I throw birdseed from the balcony? 
A: No, we do not allow anything to be thrown from the balcony - we do not allow the use of birdseed, bubbles, rice, flower petals inside or outside the Station.
Q: Can we decorate the balcony?
A: You may be allowed to decorate the balcony, however, modest decorations may be attached to the balcony using ONLY ribbon or cloth. No glue or paste can be used to secure decorations on the balcony, walls, or woodwork. 
In addition decor cannot include confetti, glitter or other fine matter than may stick to the floors. We do not allow the use of glitter, confetti or other fine materials that may stick to the floor. Candles used in decoration must be enclosed in a votive or hurricane-type container. Fireworks are not allowed anywhere on the property of the Great Overland Station.

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