Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get to the Great Overland Station?
A: You can get to the Station from all directions - 75 Highway North and South, and I-70 East and West. Click here for details and a map.
Q: How much parking space do you have? Do you have parking for motor coach buses?
A: We have two large parking lots - one east of the Station near Kansas Avenue, the second west of the Station near Harrison Drive. We also have two small parking lots - a small, handicap only parking lot near the west end of the building and a small row of parking stalls along the front of the Station.  The east parking lot has designated bus parking, however, buses are also welcome to park in the west parking lot when space is available.
Q: Is your property handicap accessible?
A: Yes, we are handicap accessible, both inside and outside. We have 2 sets of restrooms inside that are handicap accessible, one at the east end and one at the west end by the entrance door. We also have water fountains that are handicap accessible. We have an elevator at the west end of the station by the entrance. The front walkway has a level sidewalk from the building to the All Veterans Memorial. There are handicap parking spaces at the west side of the building. There is a door bell just right of the front entrance door. During regular hours, if you need help opening the doors, there is a door bell located just right of the main entrance door. You can ring the bell the volunteers or staff will open the door for you. We would recommend that you give us a call regarding your arrival and we will make sure we are ready to assist you when you arrive.
Q: What is there to do for my children?
A: There are many things for children to see and do at the Station. From the moment they step inside the building they are already enjoying themselves, a baggage cart they can touch greets them at the door.  Once inside, a large G-gauge train display sprawls across the baggage room.  Don't forget to stop by the front desk and ask for a copy of the G-gauge train display scavenger hunt and see what you can find hidden in "town".  To the right two training simulators, an older and newer model, invite hands-on exploration of controls and switches.  Through the doors to the left of the model train display, Choo-Choo Junction is home to Flo-Graphix, a mini-steam train display, dress-up area, a train table where young hands can rearrange train cars; a coloring table with trains for tracing and pictures for coloring, and a play table with books and activities. The pride of Choo-Choo Junction is the Big Red Caboose - a great experience - child-sized, so they can experience the hand brakes, the tables and chairs, and more. Children are also impressed when they enter the Main Waiting Room - the 34 foot high ceilings and chandeliers leave a lasting impression.  And who doesn't love to watch trains rolling by on the tracks outside the building while they watch safely from the big windows?
Q: Do you have a Gift Shop?
A: Yes we do. We have a variety of items including books, train items, label pins, pottery, Harvey House books, cookbooks, military throw blankets, emblems, children's books, CD's, train whistles, key chains, Union Pacific items, Santa Fe/BNSF items, and more. Take a stroll through out aisles and I know you will find that perfect give to take home or give to a friend.
Q: We would like to bring a group for a tour. Is that a possibility?
A: We provide tours for all ages from preschool ages up. We also welcome motor coach tours to visit the Station and All Veterans Memorial. We can accommodate small and large groups. In order to ensure that we have the date, time frame and staffing available, you need to call and schedule the tour.
Q: Tell me about your Harvey House Luncheon and Tour.
A: We offer a great experience with our Harvey House luncheon and tour. The minimum number of people is 25 and we can accommodate up to 200. You will have the opportunity to review four menu options and and select the one for the group. Our docent and costumed Harvey Girls will tell you the story of the Harvey Houses, Harvey Girls, the Station and more. The Harvey Girls will assist with the serving of your meal. The tables are setup with white table cloths, real red roses and are very impressive. The cost for the full meal and tour is $23.50 per person.
Q: Do you rent the space for weddings and/or receptions?
A: Yes, we rent the Main Waiting Room, the Balcony, East Gallery and Kitchen for all types of events. You can have both your wedding and reception at the Station. You can also have your wedding outside on the All Veterans Memorial and the reception inside. If the weather is an issue, you can move your wedding inside - this is a unique option for venues in the Topeka area.

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