Kansas Hall of Fame

The mission of the Kansas Hall of Fame at the Great Overland Station is to recognize great leaders, innovators, historical giants, artists and entrepreneurs who have a direct connection to Kansas and who have made significant contributions to our state, the nation, or the world.


In times of crisis the world has often turned to a Kansan for direction. "To the Stars Through Difficulties" is more than just our state motto — it is the way many Kansans have lived. Since the very beginning of our state, Kansans have been at the forefront of events throughout the nation and world. Relative to our small size, Kansas has made a disproportionately large contribution in all areas of leadership — political, military, business, industry, academic, professional, cultural, sports. The attributes of perseverance, courage, and vision found in our early pioneers have become synonymous with the lives and accomplishments of great Kansans who have continued to pioneer, many of whom provide leadership still today. The Kansas Hall of Fame has been established at the Great Overland Station to perpetuate the values represented in these great Kansans and to share them with people throughout the world. 

The Kansas Hall of Fame initiative was instigated by Railroad Heritage, Inc. in 2011 and was discontinued after 2013 because of lack of resources to continue to implement it. It was a very worthwhile project and we are proud of the work that was accomplished during the three active years. We continue to honor these inductees with a permanent display at the Great Overland Station.

Because Railroad Heritage, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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